Thursday, February 12, 2009

Compare and contrast
Today camera become once the people needed. Camera are vital to storage memorable moments. People are choose the camera based on their needed and taste. The powershot technology have good features and thin that usually attractive to teenager.
I want to compare about canon camera model between canon canonet QL19 and canon powershot SD700.
Canon canonet QL19 manufacture early 1965 and canon powershot in 2009. The powershot technology have good features and thin that usually attractive to teenager.
Lens of canon canonet QL19 use canon se 45mm 1:19 while the canon powershot SD700 use 400 × zoom ( 35 – 140mm eq). Powershot lens more efficient than canonet because it can zoom. The picture that we capture not blur when we zoom. It also can capture the picture even its far away from us and clearly picture.
Canon canonet QL use AA battery while canon powershot SD700 use Canon NB-5L battery 1200mAH. Battery AA have the low capacity while canon NB-5L have high capacity that can use for long time. Canon NB-5L cannot effect the memory and don’t have to fully drain recharge.
Canon canonet was use the film as picture storage while the powershot SD700 use sandisk ultra compact flash CF card 66X. Sandisk ultra can storage the large amount than the film. The memory that we use in powershot also can be deleted and can be transfer to the laptop while the picture in film a permanent. So that the film must take care carefully because when it film was broke it can’t produce the picture.
Canon canonet can use charge rechargeable battery AA while powershot use specific charge for the camera. The benefit of charge canon powershot it can charge in car with car kit charge. Its also can automatically turn to trickle mode once the charging is finish. Its is effect of new technology.
Canon canonet QL19 give black and white picture while the powershot SD700 can give the colourfull picture. Its means the new technology improve the quality of picture.