Thursday, February 12, 2009


How can be leadership? Anyone can be leadership. Leadership like captain in a ship. People how work with him must listen what the leadership said. However, the leadership mean that the combination of personal character and the talent to think as a leader like a person who can control a team. Before be a good leadership, the leader must have 5 key. Firstly the leader must a plan carefully before doing the activity. It mean, when a leader arrange plan carefully, the leader can detect the problem that can occur. Its also can control the problem before serious. Second is leader has a vision. Vision like a light at night to give us guideline. If leader not have the vision, the group not in the true track when doing activity. Leader also must share her vision their group members. It because can help us develop leadership. It also the way to strength your vision become reality and people can see you as people that have identity. Leader takes charge mean leader must combine your vision and your planning and take action. You as leader must take decisions and choice the suitable action when a problem occur. Lastly leader inspiresion as example. You must act in way that are appropriate to your vision. It not easy become a leader but people that have effort can be a good leader. In my opinion, the 5 step is the important thing that must have become a leader. Because very step have the reason that good for people how want become leader..

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