Friday, February 13, 2009



You think that you can share your experiences in life with person that you think can be a good friend for you. You have to work hard and provide greatly in your relationship if want have friendship. Happy friendship may be occur dramatic but you must to consider a few thing that will guide you before you achieve. First, it begin how you choose people to be your friend. To find friend is very easy but to get a true friend it not like buy a shirt. You must see through the heart not only trough the eye. You also must work on yourself before you choosing prefect people. Meant you must ask yourself whether you are ready to have friendship and are you ready to spent time with them. So that you can achieve a true friend. Without friends, you a lonely and not bring you all the joy that you hoping in life. People must have to share joy and sadness together. So that all your problem can be solve. Some people forget for social life. The way to solve this problem is to have friendship. You also need to change attitude goes long way you finding friends. When you achieve the happy friendship will let you to share ambitions and aspirations without fear. It because you trust your friends that wish and give spirit to you to go for your dreams. You must keep in mind that, if you wish to meet good friends, you must to match and be good also. Friendship is not prefect but you do not need to b perfect to be happy. It not a problem if your friend come from different of you but you must have good skill to communicate with your friend. Both of you must tolerance. Mean you need to admit when you are fault and your friends will respect you and do the same.

I feel this article is very good for all. Because to get a true friend is not easy. In this world have two type of friend. First friend that can give spirit for us and second friend that carry us to negative. So it very important to choose friend.

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